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Neretva workshop trip is canceled due to the low number of participants.

Neretva Field Workshop  - Nanominerals in sediments and soils

Field-trip coordinators: Ivan Sondi and Goran Durn

Date: 22-25. September 2018. - Price 350/370 €


Min. 15 participants, max. 30 participants. Included in the fee are the transfers, accommodation and meals.

Workshop will take place in village of Vid near the town of Metković in delta plain of the Neretva River (southern eastern part of Croatia). Village is famous for the ruins of the Roman city of Narona. The workshop will take place in Restaurant-Pansion Đuđa and Mate located in the heart of the ancient Narona near the archeological Museum Narona, famous for finding the largest number of Roman marble sculptures in the world.

Scope of the Workshop:

The workshop is organized by the Croatian Clay Mineral Society and it is sequel to the 9th Mid-European Clay Conference (MECC 2018) that will be held in Zagreb, Croatia in September 17-21, 2018. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive insight into the role of clayey mineral particles in the formation of recent sediments and soils/palaeosols  and their significance in geochemical cycling of sedimentary organic materials and trace metals in sediments/soils/palaeosols  of the Adriatic region. In addition, authigenic formation and morphogenesis of submicron sized and nanostructured mineral phases will be also addressed. The workshop will present the most significant research results that have been realized within the project of the Croatian Science Foundation under the title Nanominerals in sediments and soils: formation, properties and their role in biogeochemical processes (NanoMin, 2504). The workshop consists of lectures and excursion. During the excursion, in addition to field work, participants will be able to enjoy the picking of mandarin, photo safari and homemade gastronomic specialties.

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