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Oral presentations

Presentations will be 15 min long + 5 min for questions.

We recommend you to save your PowerPoint presentation using PPT format instead of PPS, preferably in 16:9 format.

Speakers must adhere strictly to the scheduled times according the programme. 
Electronic material from authors is uploaded on site at least two hours before presentation. The upload is handled at the Slide Area, located near the registration area.

Technical assistance will be provided and edit/update of the material can be done on-site. Please check your presentation carefully before the final sign-off.
If you are giving more than one speech during the Conference, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to the corresponding session hall at the time of your session.


For any further information please contact technical organizer:

Andrije Hebranga 34, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: + 385 1 48 62 606 / Fax: + 385 1 48 62 622
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Poster Presentations

Poster must be prepared in portrait mode (vertical) and will be limited to 90 cm wide x 120 cm high. Materials for fixing posters will be available at the Registration Desk. Congress staff will be available to assist you during the time of poster mounting. In the detailed schedule each poster will be uniquely numbered and should be mounted on appropriate poster board, numbered by the organizers.


*NEW MECC LOGO download for presentations and posters (if needed) for .png and .jpg file (click on extension)

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